Why SnoreMender Is Best

One of the few scientifically proven ways to reduce snoring is a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) / jaw splint. These work by gently pushing your lower jaw forwards, to prevent your airway closing up so you breathe freely without air being forced through, so avoiding the characteristic snoring sound.

These devices are something you will use every night, so they need to be comfortable, convenient and easy to use and clean.

Comfortable - Night After Night

Pressure Shift™ Technology - SnoreMender is the only anti-snoring mouthpiece incorporating Pressure Shift™ technology. This moves pressure away from the weak lower front teeth, and away from the tips of all the teeth, to prevent aching teeth.

Soft - SnoreMender is made from soft pliable medical plastic, with no hard edges to rub against your mouth and tongue.

Small - SnoreMender is an elegant efficient design with no wasted material, so it is not bulky in your mouth.

Flexible - SnoreMender opens and closes with your mouth. This allows you to close your mouth completely, or open it wide, while wearing the device.

Breathing - SnoreMender lets you breathe normally, through mouth and nose. Many alternative devices either totally or partly stop you breathing through your mouth, making them useless if you have a cold, and uncomfortable all the time.

Convenient and Quick

Quick - SnoreMender is a single moulded piece of soft plastic. It takes a second to put in at night and a second to take out next morning.

Easy - SnoreMender is made in a single piece so when you are fumbling around in the dark at night trying not to wake your partner, you don't have to fiddle around putting it together - just fold it and pop it in your mouth.

Strong - In the dark it is easy to drop things. SnoreMender is made of soft flexible plastic so if you tread on it in the middle of the night there are no rigid parts to snap.

Easy to Clean - Hygienic

Elegant - SnoreMender is a single moulded piece of soft plastic. There are no nooks or crannies, connectors or screws to trap dirt and germs.

Fast - you simply rinse with warm water and soap, using your fingers to rub it clean and it's done in seconds. There is no need to soak it in a cleaner, and no crannies that need brushes to clean.

Timesaver - SnoreMender saves you time, every single day, and gives you the comfort of knowing you have a hygienic solution to your snoring.

Anti Snoring Product Comparison

  SnoreMender 3 Ripsnore Therasnore Snorban
Money Back Guarantee 90 days Only 45 days Only 30 days Only 30 days
Works without fitting
How many fitting attempts possible Not required 5, then device needs replacing Several but may need extra material 3, then device needs replacing
Hinged to let mouth move naturally? No, jaw locked in place No, jaw locked in place
Allows mouth breathing Through 2 small holes Partial
Allows side to side jaw movement Yes (only if fitted correctly)
Flexible frame for comfort Partly
Ease of cleaning Easy shape, just hand wash with soap Awkward gaps to clean Needs £31 a year soaking solutions Needs soaking solutions
Product Lifetime Avg 9-18 months Avg 6-18 months Avg 18-24 months Avg 6-18 months


Jake Bedford

"SnoreMender is simply brilliant! I use it every night - it's essential - if I forget, my wife soon reminds me to put the 'thing' in!

Before I had SnoreMender, my wife would prod and poke me all night long, and eventually give up - I woke up too many mornings to find her on the couch, exhausted and uncomfortable.

So I went online, read all the stuff I could find about snoring and eventually discovered SnoreMender. What they said made sense - they seemed to understand what caused snoring.

So I took the plunge, bought one, and it's been the best money I've ever spent - just to see my wife without black bags under her eyes.

Now, whenever we go away, 'the thing' is top of the list of things to pack - my family love camping, and I used to cringe at the thought of them hearing me snore the night away."